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Afrilanthropy is non-profit organization
(Association sans but lucrative)

Registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies' Register

(Licence number F11610)


Riding the Rainbow

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Ready to bring a child the light of the rainbow?

Whether you are ready to donate or receive an item, our app would allow you to create a direct connection in a fast and secure environment. Using our app is easy and straightforward, but we created a few small videos to make it even easier.

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About Riding the Rainbow

Riding the Rainbow is a journey that started with the dream to provide every single young refugee in Luxembourg with a bike or a scooter, and provide “the light of the rainbow” to families who left their homes, escaping conflict and leaving everything behind.


Riding the Rainbow was created following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent influx of Ukrainian refugees to Luxembourg. Starting with the simple donation of a bike, Riding the Rainbow has turned into a more ambitious initiative. We try to provide a sense of normalcy and independence for those that have left everything behind. For many, rainbows represent hope, and an all-embracing image of friendship and inclusion - this is what we facilitate.

Feeling at home in a new country is about being able to reconnect to the old and build new connections. We work to bridge the gap between residents and new arrivals, by changing the understanding of the refugee experience. By having direct contact non-refugees grow to understand that refugees have complex stories and multiple layers, people with the same talents, passions, and goals as them.

It starts with the small things, and it is by addressing the seemingly small things that Riding the Rainbow aims to generate beauty after the storm.

The story of the project starts with YOU


Riding the Rainbow aims to bring a sense of normalcy and independence to young refugees and foment solidarity within towns, across borders and continents.

Our dream is to create a new global movement for change. Ready to be part of it?

Solidarity at your fingertips

What if your pre-loved belongings had the potential to be loved once more and have a new life in the hands of someone in need?


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A donation to Afrilanthropy would help us a great deal in sustain our work. Secure donations can be done via Paypal or to our Bank account.


IBAN: LU100019515556839000
Bank Name: BCEEBank
Address: Place de Metz L-2954 Luxembourg.


You’re wondering how to contribute to solve the most pressing challenges ?

Please know that you can also make a difference and help in unlocking many social innovation.

Find out how you can contribute to our mission and join us!.

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