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Afrilanthropy is non-profit organization
(Association sans but lucrative)

Registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies' Register

(Licence number F11610)



We are an international solidarity platform that harnesses the power of homegrown, grassroots social enterprises as drivers of long term change and development. Rather than importing ideas to Africa, or perpetuating working models and practices that overlook the real pioneers and changemakers, we work with African ideas and African initiated projects. 

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Our end goal is to unlock the potential of African homegrown social innovators by providing them tailored advise, and connecting them to venture philanthropy, small foundations and corporate donors, who want to make a difference. We also manage programs on behalf of our partners and donors to support vulnerable communities in times of great need both in Africa and in Europe.


Supporting innovators and enabling their evolution into key actors in development and self-sufficiency on various levels 

Our Approach 


We focus on market tested social businesses that can devise and operationalise sustainable solutions to Africa’s most pressing social challenges, particularly where they have clear potential for replication and scalability. 


Unlock the true potential of innovators across the African continent and turn Africa into an exporter of ideas not just raw materials 


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Our history 

Afrilanthropy was created in 2017 as a meeting of minds among a number of professionals active across various African countries, seeking new ways to support African innovation. 


Afrilanthropy’s team were frustrated by the supply driven unsustainable solutions imposed upon or being emulated by African social businesses and often turning into a waste of resources. 


The team wanted to create a new model which would attract the right resources to the right viable solutions in the most effective way, leveraging hundred of years of cumulative experience among the seasoned team, the physical presence of in-country advisors and an organisational model based on effectiveness  

«We are passionate about Africa’s future. We believe in the power of innovation and focus on unleashing the true talent and authentic visions of local game changers. It is local visions that hold the sustainable solutions that can uplift people’s lives in Africa and beyond and preserve our planet. »


Emanuele Santi 

Founder & President


Latest report about our activities


Code of conduct 

Afrilanthropy’s code of conduct contains the values and principles that Afrilanthropy and its staff abide by to uphold and protect the necessary standards of conduct and to avoid misconduct. 

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What makes us different? 
The Afrilanthropy team is dedicated to supporting a sustainable investment ecosystem. We focus on market-tested innovations that can contribute towards economic resilience and prosperity all the while caring for people and the environment. We pride ourselves on:

  • Innovation: we support social enterprises so they remain adaptable, forward-thinking, and ahead of the curve.
  • Impact: impact oriented, emphasis on depth and quality that goes beyond numbers 
  • Flexibility : no overhead or hidden costs for organisations and we leverage technology to ensure greater availability and presence as a virtual tech-savvy team
  • Speed and effectiveness: we work with in locally based country advisors and trusted partners to deliver quick and thoughtful interventions
  • Ecosystem approach: we focus on working through networks and like-minded partners

We are here for the long-term because development is a non-linear process. 

We prioritise the following sectors: 

Renewable energy

The African continent is rich in renewable energy sources, many of which are yet to be fully explored.  Transitioning to sustainable and renewable energy is crucial to Africa’s future and meeting the energy needs of a growing population. 

Sustainable agriculture

Agriculture is at the crux of all societies and cultures. In Africa agriculture accounts for the lion share of economic activity and employment opportunities, yet the potential of Africa to feed itself and become a breadbasket of the world remains largely untapped. Sustainable and resilient practices are pivotal to unlocking African food security. 

Education and vocational training 

Quality education is the fourth UN Sustainable Development Goal and is a sustainable means to reduce poverty and bring lasting change. Education is a key factor in transforming individuals, societies, and economies, in reducing poverty, and spurring on sustainable development. 


Financial technology (fintech) startups in Sub-Saharan Africa are growing in spite of myriad challenges. This sector also provides further opportunities for employment, upskilling and further training and wider access to financial services. 

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Sustainable agriculture in africa
Renewable energy in Africa
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Our work
Our attention and our commitment go to projects that have a strong social inclusion and positive impact on work and the local economy.


Management Team:

Afrilanthropy Country Advisors:

El Dahshan Mohamed

C.A. Egypt

Jihane Hakimi

C.A. Morocco

Emanuele Santi

Founder & President

Chara-Allegra Tsitoura

Co-Founder & Vice-President

Samuel Kalonde Mutuna

C.A. Zambia

Olivia Mukam Wandji

C.A. Cameroon

Simone Santi

C.A. Mozambique

Maureen Nakamura

Business Advisory Services Lead

Sonia Barbaria

C.A. Tunisia

Deolinda Martins
Partnership and Resource Mobilization Manager

Sylvain Saluseke

D.R.C. Congo

Deolinda Martins 

C.A. Cabo Verde

Riding the Rainbow Team:

Riding the Rainbow aims to bring a sense of normalcy and independence to young refugees and foment solidarity within towns, across borders and continents.
 Our dream is to create a new global movement for change. 

Ready to be part of it?

Tanya Endsphill

Project Manager

Bence Böjti
Advisor on Software Development

Jeevanthi Liyanapathirana

Advisor on AI and machine learning

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